Darius Barclay


Darius Barclay is a half-orc paladin of Bahamut, with the official rank of Inquisitor of the Silver Talon. While it is known he was born on the Alabaster Isle, Darius seems fairly guarded about most of his personal history.

Despite encouragement by the church to abandon his pursuits and focus on policing the post-war state of Boccob and trying to weed out heretics and anti-government forces within the mainland, Darius Barclay has become intensely focused on hunting down a wizard known as Calder Marten. Barclay insists that Marten is behind a terrorist attack in the city of Exaurdon as well as multiple other troubling incidents. However, the Order of Bahamut has chosen to attribute this incident, and others, to remnants of Ioun militants and activists. Even though some members of the Order value and trust Barclay’s investigation, they still believe Marten to believe an activist from the Broken War rather than an independent of some kind.

After tracking Marten’s activities carefully across Asha, Barclay has cobbled together a small team of non-church affiliated adventurers to pursue him an learn his intentions.

Darius Barclay

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