Centuries ago, the gods warred with one another, dark against light, good against evil, in an endless conflict: The Age of Storms. But the good gods banded together, and in one fell swoop managed to finally vanquish the evil gods from the world of Asha, winning the war and ushering in The Golden Age.

For over 500 years, Asha knew only peace and prosperity. The good gods and their servants watched over the land and the people of Asha thrived.

And then the nation of Boccob, lead by the priests of Ioun, attacked their neighbor to the North: Heiron, and their followers of Bahamut. The Broken War ended The Golden Age, and ushered in a modern era of confusion and uncertainty.

Now a group of adventurers, lead by a Paladin of Bahamut, must uncover the new dangers that lie in the shadows of this new time.

The Golden Dream

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