The most dragonborn heavy nation, the citizens of Heiron pledge fealty to the god Bahamut. Poverty is rare, as is great excess; balance and fairness are prized among the people of Heiron. The government is perhaps the most religiously zealous of all the nations of Asha, lead by a council of powerful paladins. Heiron is often seen as one of the most powerful of the nations and takes an active interest in leading the other nations and influencing their politics.


32 years ago, Boccob declared war on Heiron and began invading. Heiron suffered great losses from the surprise attack; the leaders of Heiron say they have no understanding of what instigated the war. However, Heiron was a powerful military force, and with the aid of several other nations: Cuthbert, Pholtus, and Olidammara, and the tacit/non-military support of every other nation, they managed to fight back the invasion and end the war in 2 years. The government of Heiron took direct control of overseeing Boccob in the post-war era. Boccob is now essentially an occupied colony of Heiron. They are allowed some autonomy, but nothing is done without approval from Heiron first.

Present Day

After the war, Heiron became a deeply militaristic and closed society. Some say it now borders on a police state, though few would suggest that paladins and clerics of Bahamut scare many people. Most citizens of Heiron say they feel safer seeing the constant patrolling in the streets and that the tightened grip of the council is a necessary response to the increased uncertainty of the post-war age. That said, there are some who feel that the government has overstepped its boundaries and has grown too intolerant of lawbreakers and heretics.

Places of Note


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