The nation of Boccob is the southern-most nation and its citizens are followers of the goddess Ioun. Its leaders are scholars, sages, archivists, and historians since Ioun prizes the spread and collection of knowledge above all else. It is made up primarily of wetlands, swamps, moors, marshes, thick forests, and beaches.


33 years ago, the nation of Boccob began building an army. Though the events leading up to it are shrouded in rumor and mystery, it is known that Boccob began an invasion of their neighbor to the North, Heiron, starting The Broken War. The war lasted two years, and ultimately the invasion failed in crushing defeat for Boccob.

Present Day

Boccob is no longer an autonomous country, but an occupied territory of Heiron and the followers of Bahamut. Though still allowed to worship Ioun freely, citizens of Boccob and Ioun’s worshippers are met with skepticism, suspicion, and often anger. Though some infrastructure has been result, the nation is much more poor and desolate than it was before The Broken War. Their government and leaders report directly to the temple of Bahamut now.


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