Mmurgl-Brap Jabberwog

A Bullywug monk of the Order of the Light who has seen too much pointless bloodshed.


Mmurgl-Brap Jabberwog was raised in a small Bullywug village outside a swamp. At a young age he was shipped off to an Order of the Light monastery for displaying extraordinary strength and dexterity. He spent 25 years there training in their ways until one day, The Broken War fell upon his hometown. Disobeying his Order’s orders, he left the monastery to defend his hometown. What happened to the warriors there is unknown but the squadron that was sent to seize control of that small Bullywug village was never heard from again.
Brap has spent the last 20 years as a hermit, living and meditating by himself in the swamp outside his village.


Mmurgl-Brap Jabberwog

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